Los Angeles HVAC Technician found this new technology after many calls from property management companies looking for a solution for their older buildings.  The $300 Aros is about as pretty an air conditioner as you’ll find — it’s all white, festooned with touch controls instead of analog buttons, and looks like something Bang and Olufsen […]

Tracking down sewer gas odor problems, we’ve found these common sources of sewer gas odors: Air conditioning and heating systems using air ducts and blower fans can pick up odors from one source and move them to another destination. In some cases local negative air pressure may also overcome normal drain pipe venting, especially if plumbing […]

There’s a line of portable electric heaters that can develop a short circuit and pose a fire hazard are among this years recalled consumer products. This local electrician in San Bernardino explains how. The Dyson Hot heaters and Dyson Hot+Cool heaters having model number AM04 and all Dyson Hot+Cool heaters with model number AM05. The […]

We list these common electrical terms roughly in the order that they are observed, from the electrical utility company’s overhead wires and pole to the building receiving electrical power to its electrical panel, and in the panel to individual circuit breakers which provide power to and protect individual electrical circuits that distribute electrical power throughout […]

Ventilation in bathrooms is important to prevent moisture damage to wall and ceiling surfaces, decay of wood trim, saturation of building insulation, and mold contamination, say our certified Long Beach Electricians. In Long Beach, bathrooms produce moisture, odors, and VOCs from aerosols and various personal hygiene products. Effective spot ventilation in these areas is critical […]

Wow technology has certainly come a long way. Insteon, an LED bulb company has another bright idea on its hands with its LED Light Bulbs 8 Watt (60W), the world’s first networked remote control dimmable LED light bulbs. The name isn’t so awesome, but the product is another story. Instead of an ordinary light bulb, the Insteon […]